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Accessories & EquipmentFebruary 22 2017

The accessory equipment we
manufacture is just as important as the
heart of your transfer operation: the pump.

Smith adjustable differential type bypass relief valves are specifically designed for liquefied gases and will give years of quiet and trouble-free operation. We utilize stainless steel springs to minimize corrosion and elevate spring cycle life. Please download Catalogue DBV-L.

Our Y-type strainers offer the lowest pressure drop of any strainer currently available. This feature is especially important for marginal pump suction conditions. Smith strainers are available with either a 40-mesh brass reinforced screen or 80-mesh reinforced stainless steel screen. Please download Catalogue Sheet CP-6.

Smith flexible drive couplings are machined from bar-stock to insure concentricity. Hardened steel pins are used in each coupling half adding to superior life expectancy. Smith flexible drive couplings are balanced, concentric, and tough. Please download Catalogue Sheet CP-7.

Smith steel coupling guards are available for most pump/motor configurations shown on this website. Please contact a Smith customer service representative for additional information concerning coupling guards.

Smith bases used for mounting pump/motor combinations are not fabricated from channel iron. Smith bases are formed from thick sheet steel and the entire length of the base underside is reinforced with steel pipe. Base feet are designed to conform to irregular concrete pads. Please contact a Smith customer service representative for additional information concerning bases or download Catalogues CP-1A or CP-3.

Smith Pumps: Exceptional quality

Specializing in liquefied gas transfer, our product line incorporates small, medium, and large capacity positive displacement pump models in several porting configurations, for intermittent or continuous duty service. Read More

The Smith Precision Products Company

Smith Precision Products Company was started in 1938 by Reuben Stanley Smith. As a remarkable American inventor, Reuben focused on quality and provided innovative designs that would stand the test of time.
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President’s Message

We are very proud of the fact that no other company has been designing and manufacturing similar products for as long as we have. This long-term commitment has allowed us to provide products that we believe will exceed your expectations. Read More