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Product Design - PumpsFebruary 22 2017

We believe our pumps to be the best in the industry, and we are ready to tell you why. To learn more about our high-quality pumps, please roll over the numbered hot-spots on the photo with your mouse.

1 Conversion to Larger Capacity Pump

With the addition of one, two, or three secondary gear housings, each with 50 GPM capacity, can easily be accomplished in the field for higher transfer rates.

2 Gear Set is Readily Accessible

Without disrupting the mechanical shaft seal the gear set can easily be replaced. All pipe-work remains in place.

3 Balanced Load Gear Configuration

Minimizes gear tooth contact and eliminates constant casing contact, which generates heat. Allows for smooth non-pulsating flow and higher differential pressures.

4 Carbon Graphite Journal Bearings

These bearings support the entire length of the drive shaft. Balanced loading eliminates the need for a duplicate ball bearing at the end of the drive shaft and a second mechanical seal.

5 Superseal Mechanical Shaft Seal Assembly

The Superseal assembly is built as a kit onto the pump drive shaft; allows for dynamic pressure test before assembly into the pump or supplied as a separate component. The 3-piece seal allows for slow rotation of the intermediary seal ring, greatly reducing friction-associated wear.

6 No Service Ball Bearing

Our design eliminates the requirement for periodic greasing.

Gear Design

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Our pumps are used for a wide variety of applications, including cylinder filling, automotive fueling, bulk transfer, vaporizers, high-pressure burners, and truck applications.

High Life Expectancy

  • Balanced internal loading, only available with a Smith 3-gear pump, creates high efficiency and low energy drive requirement when compared with other positive displacement designs.
    The point contact and free-floating features of the gear set eliminates constant casing and end disc contact which may create wear, internal slippage, and heat generation in other positive displacement pump designs, some of which may require two ball bearings to support a heavily loaded drive shaft (which also requires a second mechanical seal).

    Click Here to view our demonstration, and to learn more about Balanced Loading in the Smith 3-Gear Pump.

High Efficiency

  • Designed for superior performance, minimal slippage, and ease of maintenance.
  • Can be replaced without taking the mechanical shaft seal apart.

Mechanical Shaft Seal

Mechanical Shaft Seals


  • Is an integral part of the pump drive shaft.
  • Allows the seal ring to rotate at half the shaft speed, leading to increased seal life.
  • The SUPERSEAL™ option eliminates brittle carbon graphite in favor of a self-repairing thermoplastic intermediary seal ring that continually laps itself while the pump is in operation. Only Smith offers this advanced mechanical seal design offered as standard equipment for our D and E-series pumps, GC-1LZ pump, and MCAT-series pumps for LP-Gas service.

Mechanical Seal Demonstration Video

Increased safety, ease of maintenance, and state-of-the-art design are just some of the benefits of our mechanical seal.
Watch our video to learn more.

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