Pump Dimension Drawings

# Title Download Description Size

Dimension Drawings

D-ATC-2-3-R-L-H Download ATC-2L/R, ATC-3L/R, H versions and NSSA versions on base with motor. 555.10 kb
D-ATC-3R_TJD Download ATC-3R, H versions and NSSA versions on base with TJD engine. 608.08 kb
DBV-1 Download WW-series bypass relief valves. 691.76 kb
D-DW-1-HZ Download D-series pump with motor. 495.66 kb
D-EE Download E-series pump with engine. 527.63 kb
D-EG-1_EC-HZ_I-E Download E-series pump with motor. 493.87 kb
D-GC-1 Download GC-1 pump with motor. 437.98 kb
D-MCAT-2-3-4L Download MCAT-2/3/4L - pump only. 504.28 kb
D-MCAT-2-3-4R Download MCAT-2/3/4R - pump only 503.22 kb
D-MC-1 Download MC-1 pump with motor. 439.95 kb