Injector Manuals

# Title Download Description Size


AM-1 Download How to obtain longer running life. 999.65 kb
AM-2 Download Sand and silt problems. 430.14 kb
AM-3 Download Injection of acid. 759.27 kb
AM-5 Download Backflow valve problem. 475.80 kb
AM-6 Download How to check water flow rate. 462.48 kb
AM-7 Download Versatility of twin injector options. 849.73 kb
AM-10 Download Parallel system with automatic cut-off. 209.94 kb
AM-12 Download Fluid table and recommended options. 825.15 kb
AM-15 Download Injector Piston O-ring Replacement, Models R-1, R-3, R-4, R-6, and R-8 518.56 kb
CM-2 Download R-3, R-4, R-6, & R-8 installation and operational manual. 13.61 mb