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How To OrderFebruary 22 2017

How to Order

If you are utilizing our website to ask us for a quotation, we always need the following information:

  1. If the inquiry is for parts, please specify the liquid service AND serial number of the pump or chemical injector. Provide the injector proportion.
  2. If the inquiry includes an electric motor, please specify if for 50 or 60 Hz., voltage, and type of motor enclosure.
  3. If you contact us asking for a pump recommendation, please provide the flow rate required, liquid service, differential pressure required, duty cycle, AND if you want us to also provide a price for an electric motor. Please see 2., above. You are able to click on Pump Selection to determine the pump flow rate and horsepower required from a specific model pump you may be interested in.
  4. If you contact us asking for an injector recommendation, please provide us with the minimum and maximum water flow rate, proportion required, chemical(s) to be injected, and average water pressure.

Serial Number Location

Serial numbers are located on the nameplate that is affixed to the pump or injector. Sometimes, the nameplate is missing. We also permanently stamp the serial number onto the pump or injector as follows:

  1. E-series pumps: front of main housing underneath the drive shaft
  2. D-series pumps: underneath the main housing
  3. MC-1/GC-1 pumps: same as 2 above
  4. SQ-series pumps: on the bottom side of the SQ-4 gear housing
  5. 20-250 gallon per minute pumps; on the side of the pump foot
  6. R-3, R-4, and R-8 injector: top face of the main housing, crankshaft end
  7. R-6 injector: side of main housing


Most LP-GAS products we manufacture are sold through distribution in the United States and offshore. Please contact us for a distributor in your area that can provide local assistance. Other liquefied gas pump sales may also be sold through distribution. We may forward your inquiries to a local distributor that can rapidly respond to your request.

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The Smith Precision Products Company

Smith Precision Products Company was started in 1938 by Reuben Stanley Smith. As a remarkable American inventor, Reuben focused on quality and provided innovative designs that would stand the test of time.
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We are very proud of the fact that no other company has been designing and manufacturing similar products for as long as we have. This long-term commitment has allowed us to provide products that we believe will exceed your expectations. Read More